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Our bearing devision is mainly focused on extremely high quality parts and components to meet customers demands. our bearings are OES to Russia,thailand and Iran .Our Distributor assy is OEM to Japan and UK . Ignition coil is OEM to Germany ,France,Japan and the USA .

The quality is assured and we welcome new OEM and factories to cooperate.


Production area: 10,000 square meters

Working date: 8 hours per day, 6 days per week

Working shift: 1-1.5
Just in Time (JIT)---100% correct and on time delivery  


Our parts and components are supplied to 

- World-Top brand auto parts makers in North America and EU 

- Automobile Manufacturers for OE / AM 

- Aftermarkets 


we are able to provide in our SMART brand and packing to those countries which we still not have an agent.

customer branding is also welcomed.

- Tapered Roller Bearing
- Ball Bearing
- Clutch Release Bearing
- Needle Bearing
- Water pump bearing

Premium Quality Parts MADE BY SMART

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