High Quality Rubber Parts; Made in VIETNAM

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Our newest series of products;  Smart brand suspensions and Rubber parts take advantage of premium quality rubbers from Thailand and Vietnam, to ensure durability and life time of products,

while keep products prices competitive .



Products are made in Vietnam and china and are highly controlled by our technical team .


we welcome cooperation from OE and aftermarket customers and new samples to develop .







we are able to provide ckd and skd parts and components to customers around the world.

Rubber Suspension Series :
- Suspension Bushing
- Engine Mounts
- Control Arm bushing
- Center Bearing
- Air Housing
- Rubber boots
- Stabilizer links
- Cabin Mounts
- Oil Seals
- Polyurethane Bushings 
- Shock absorber mounting
Smart Vietnam car rubber bush

Smart Vietnam car rubber bush

Smart Vietnam car oil seals

Smart Vietnam car oil seals

Smart Vietnam car rubber parts

Smart Vietnam car rubber parts

Premium Quality Parts MADE BY SMART

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